10 Beach Bikes For Sale on Amazon

10 Beach Bikes For Sale on Amazon

We all want to ride a well rounded bike, but for those who prefer comfort a little over the rest of the attributes, beach cruisers are the bicycle to go for. Although most of the beach cruiser out there have a great value for money, there are some on discount that make them one of the most lucrative deals.

I have dedicated this page to listing the beach bikes on sale. It should be noted that this is not an ordered list and it will get updated every time a new great discounted deal comes into the market. I have chosen 10 of the best sales. Although you can find many discounted bikes, you will mostly note that the discount is nothing more than a few percent usually. I have chosen to disregard such beach bikes for sale. I have only listed that ones that are offering deep discounts.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

This bike is originally priced between $299-$422.26 depending on size and speed options. However on select models, you can find this bike at a huge $100 discount. For example, the 26″ / 1-speed model with Army Green/Pink Rims is available at $100 discount.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Similar to the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser, the Firmstrong Urban Man is a lucrative beach bike for sale on Amazon. Its original price is from $299.99-434.19; however, you can find a few models with a discount of around $100. There is no doubt in that Firmstrong Urban is one of the highest rated beach cruiser bicycle out there.

Cranbrook 26″ Women’s Cruiser Bike

Cranbrook 26″ Women’s Cruiser Bike is an affordable beach cruiser on sale with a good 30% discount. If you are new to bicycling especially on cruiser bikes, then you will find this bike to your interest. It is great for running neighborhood errands and for commuting to and fro your daily visited places.

Micargi Tahiti NX3 Beach Cruiser Bike

This beach cruiser has received flawless reviews thus far due to its excellent built quality and comfortable ride. This women’s beach cruiser is fortunately available at great value. No one knows exactly how long this deal will last, but as of yet, it is one of the best. This is a 3 speed cruiser bikes, with classic design combined with modern aesthetics.

Micargi Touch 1-speed Men

If there is ever a great deal for cruiser bike, it has got to be this one. This cruiser bike for men, that gives out a Firmstrong Urban or SixThreeZero in the Barrel look is available at a whopping %57 discount. This bike has received almost perfect reviews and has received praised for its easy assembly and joy of ride.

Kent KX7 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

This unisex cruiser bike is only 19 inch in size and therefore suitable for kids and for those who just simply prefer smaller sized bikes. It is perfect for 5′-6″ t0 6′-2″. If you are looking for a an affordable and quality 7 speed cruiser bike, then you will not be disappointed by this bicycle.

Micargi Pantera Shimano 7-Speed

Yet another deep well valued cruiser bike in the market, Micargi is on the role for delivering cruiser bikes at unmatched discount. This is a women’s cruiser bike with 7 speed configuration and let me tell you that there are very few 7 speed quality cruiser bikes available at this price range. This bike and its value should thus be a delight for you.

Diamondback Della Cruz Girls’ Cruiser Bike

This stylish and cute looking cruiser bike for girls needs no introduction. It has been tried and tested by several customers and has received a respectable 4 stars. If you are looking to gift a bike to your loved one, then this one stands out literally due to its eye catching colors.

Micargi Rover 7-speed

As I mentioned earlier Micargi has outdone itself with the discounts. If product, great value and a great customer service is what you seek, then there is absolutely no reason why you should overlook this cruiser bike. After all, this beach cruiser for sale is available at $200 discount and therefore it is worth looking into.

Hollandia Land Cruiser L Bicycle

This cute looking beach cruiser with 6 speed for women with rear carrier offers an exquisite dutch look. It is available at a good 20% discount. If you do not mind heavy cruiser bicycles, then this should interest you.