Are Beach Cruisers Good Bikes?

Are Beach Cruisers Good Bikes?

A lot of questions come to mind when you buy a bike especially a type of bike that you have never really tested before. We all know cruiser bikes are not as popular as the mountain or BMX bikes. Those who can’t make up their mind on beach cruisers usually just settle for hybrid bikes. Unfortunately, in doing so they also sacrifice the element of extraordinary pleasure that they can get from riding a cruiser bike.

If you are looking for bike just for fun, then beach cruiser bikes are the winner. I know riding bikes for fun may sound a bit odd to adults and young adults, but cruiser bicycles really are comfortable and a joy to ride. To many of us riding bike is nothing more than a chore for commuting purposes. Cruiser bikes, on the other hand, are bicycles that you would want to ride for fun. You would want to get out every day to ride on your bike.

What makes them so special? Some of the best cruiser bikes have some signature features such as wide handle bars and seating position that can promise an upright posture. You do not have to slouch or bend your back forward to grab the handle. Instead you sit in a comfortable position reducing your back aches. The seats are also much wider , again ensuring a comfortable ride. Also they have a large and heavier frame with balloon tires built for paved and flat terrain. As such they are not built for competitive sports or for performing stunts.

Besides the element of comfort of ride along the paved roads, these bikes are an eye candy. They are gorgeous and some of the cutest bikes are beach cruisers. They are also heavily customizable. You can throw in a vast range of accessories such as baskets, carriers, fender, bells, cup holders, baby carriage etc and they won’t even harm its looks. Instead they will only enhance them. Interested in decals, paints, flags etc, you can add them too. When it comes to customization, sky is the limit for these kinds of bikes.

BMX Bikes vs Beach Cruiser Bicycles

BMX bikes are basically low riders. They are also quite slow. They are built for stunts and tricks mostly and can be used for athletic sports. They are also light. Cruiser bikes on the other hand are bikes that are highly functional. They are not only built for utility but also to look cute. Although both of these bikes have their purposes, for comfortable traveling you should settle for beach cruiser bicycles.

Is Beach Cruiser Good for Riding to School/College/Uni?

Definitely! Cruiser bikes are built to provide you with that unique and personalized style. If your school and home are located on a relatively flat terrain, then a single speed cruiser bike would suffice for you. However, there are 3 speed and 7 speed cruiser bicycles available that can perform on hilly neighborhoods.

Beach Cruiser Bicycles usually get put down for their inability to perform well on hilly regions. The truth is that these statements do not take into consideration that there are mutli gear cruiser bikes in the market that perform quite well.