Best Firmstrong Cruiser Bike Review

Looking for Best Firmstrong Beach Cruiser?

Firmstrong is one of the top of the line bicycles manufacturing company in the United States that has a portfolio of some of the best cruiser bikes in the market. The company started around ten years ago in California and has since completely re-thought the design of a conventional cruiser bike. They have been tremendously successful in combining the old looks with modern style to make it suitable for today’s taste.

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Best Cruiser Bikes 2016 | Top Rated Beach Cruisers

What are the Best Cruiser Bikes of 2016?

Beach cruiser bikes come in many different shapes, size, colors, brands and styles. With so many options in the market, you are bound to find that caters exactly to your needs. Cruiser bikes are single-handedly the most comfortable bikes to ride on. If mountain bikes are the Lamborghinis of the bike world, then cruiser bikes are the Bentleys. They are best way to have a relaxed ride around your neighborhood or around you local beaches.

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Micargi Pantera Shimano 7-Speed Cruiser Bike Review

The latest seven speed cruiser from Micargi is a special model for girls and women. Not to mention that finding a 7-speed model in this price range is quite remarkable. However, do not expect more than it can offer – this is not a bike to be put through challenging situations.

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History of Cruiser Bikes


In 1933, Frank W. Schwinn bicycle manufacturer in Chicago, frustrated by the poor quality of the bikes in America that were prone to break down easily, went to Germany, where thick “balloon” tires had been used in the bicycles and motor cycles market for several years. He spent some time combining two inch tires on steel wheels. With this as a starting point, mechanic Schwinn then built a broad and solid double joist frame. These aerodynamic frame although heavy, were much more sturdier and promised great durability. This “Cruiser Bikes” came into being. They were assembled and launched in 1933 which revolutionized the bicycle industry in U.S.

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Trend: “Balloon Bikes ” combining Vintage and Modernity

You may have heard of “Balloon Bike”, but what is it? It has a frame, a handlebar, a saddle, so far there is nothing extraordinary about this bike, yet the Balloon Bike is not a regular bike. It has one strange components: Huge tires, nearly as wide as those of a scooter!

These alien tires are commonly called “Balloon Tires”. They were invented in the early 20th century, so they are not something new. Unfortuantely, they fell into annals of history until the influx of Beach Cruiser for rolling in the sand. These ultra-comfortable tires whose technology is significantly developed in the present day, have the advantage of absorbing shocks and prevent the rider from feeling the shortcoming of the road. Inflated with low pressure, they give the rider a pleasant sensation similar to that of riding on air cushions.

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How to Assemble your Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers offer a perfect bike for those who want to relax and run along a number of things while pedaling along. Strap your tower or a shopping bag to the rack on the back. Go for a smooth cruise, With frame size ranging differently from the manufacturers, the following step will ensure the perfect beach cruiser build.


  1. Put on a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes that you will most likely wear while riding your beach cruiser.
  2. Place the post of the cruiser seat with internal pads in the seat tube. Turn the seat tube with the aid of an Allen bolt to secure the post in place.
  3. Insert the stem, found at the foot of the wheel, in the frame. Tighten the center bolt of the stem using the Allen key. Insert a molded rubber handle on each side of the wheel. Hammer gently on the handle to push them instead.
  4. Choose tires that have a medium to smooth treat. Stretch the bands in the metal edges of your cruiser wheels. Insert the tire valve through the holes in the rims. Inflate the tires of your cruiser to recommended pressure with the aid of a pump. Align the wheels on the front and rear dropouts of the cruiser frame.
  5. Attach the wheels to the frame by reducing the hub levers, which is in the middle of the wheels. Attach a crank set on the right side of the horizontal frame tube. Attach the bicycle chain to the chain ring and the rear derailleur.
  6. Attach a crank arm on both sides of the crank set using an adjustable wrench. Apply grease to the threads of the bolts. Attach one on each pedal crank arm. Turn the pedal bolts with a pedal wrench to complete your beach cruiser.

Schwinn Women’s Fairbrook 700C Cruiser Bicycle Review

Schwinn Fairbrook 700C is one of the more expensive Schwinn bicycles for women. This is a model that looks delicate, but it’s made of steel and is well enduring. Most will find it to be more suitable to fully grown women than to girls. Even more so, it is a better choice for tall women than for short ones. Surely one can lower both the handle and seat, but the adjustment isn’t always enough. Plus there are bikes that are made specifically to cater for short women.

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Schwinn Destiny 24-Inch Cruiser Bicycle Review

This girls’ bicycle seems to be just perfect for leisure rides. Destiny by Schwinn not only sounds and looks good, but is actually a choice to please more than just a few categories of cycling enthusiasts. This can easily be the bike to suit both mothers and daughters.

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Right Bike Size for Kids – Guide

Case 1: Size Based on Age and Height (Conventional Method)

A properly fitting bike allows a comfortable and safe sitting position for children as well as teenagers. The size of a child’s bike is usually based on the wheel diameter. In adults, this is based on the frame size or seat tube length. Proper bike fit allows the muscles can deliver optimal strength. This is less tiring and avoid overloading the knees. Because children have less experience and balance, they are more susceptible to falls. However, the habit of cycling is taught at a young age and a seat tailored to child’s height ensures optimum comfort and encourages them to ride on their bicycle. All the while teaching them how to ride more intuitively. So how does one choose the right size of a child’s bicycle? Here is a table for a general rule.

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Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review – Adventure Cruiser Bike

Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle is as true a cruiser as a bike can get and at the same as modern in style as it can get. This bike has a twist though, it is not just any ordinary beach cruiser. Nay! It is an adventure cruiser bike. The only thing about this bike that resembles the old cruiser bikes is its comfort in ride. In those terms, this is a true cruiser bike. However, most cruiser bikes out there are not designed for adventure. That is primarily because people purchase beach cruiser for casual ride for short distances along their neighborhoods to enjoy a morning or evening exercise or for commuting purposes to and fro their regularly visited placed not for adventures or trail riding.

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