Best Firmstrong Cruiser Bike Review

Best Firmstrong Cruiser Bike Review

Looking for Best Firmstrong Beach Cruiser?

Firmstrong is one of the top of the line bicycles manufacturing company in the United States that has a portfolio of some of the best cruiser bikes in the market. The company started around ten years ago in California and has since completely re-thought the design of a conventional cruiser bike. They have been tremendously successful in combining the old looks with modern style to make it suitable for today’s taste.

Firmstrong bike are simple, clean, refreshing and highly functional. Their bikes are not the most affordable, but they are some of the highest quality beach cruisers. Firmstrong sees the benefit of bicycles in the communities and has made it a point to raise its awareness primarily through designing bikes that are irresistible to buy. Their website, not only has all the information that you need to know about the company, it also is an e-commerce site where you can view and order all the different models that the company offers.

Firmstrong consistently reiterates the point that their bicycles are built to combine style with functionality so that there is no trade-off between the two. Normally bikes that are heavily stylized fail to deliver a functional experience. A functional experience for beach cruisers is that they are comfortable to ride. They are not the fastest bikes by a long shot, but they are luxury to ride on. Thanks to the balloon tires, heavy frame and a seating position that ensures an upright back, beach cruisers are the smoothest to ride on streets and paved roads.

This brand has several bikes for women. men as well as children. The bikes come in different size, color and speed option so that you are sure to find one that suits exactly your needs. Below you will find a list of best Firmstrong Cruiser Bike of 2016.

Firmstrong Urban Cruiser Bike

One of the first and also one of the most famous Cruiser Bike not only in the Firmstrong itself, but also in the entire beach cruiser market. This is a top notch quality bike that can go toe-to-toe with some of the most expensive European cruiser bike in terms of functionality. It is available for both Men as well Women. Certain combination of color, size and speed could grant you a discount of as much as $100. This is quite the bargain in my opinion.

Other than that, this is one of the most purchased beach cruiser on Amazon and has also received perfect reviews from its customers. The bike has been praised for its looks, as well as for the joy of ride.

The Urban line of bikes are simple and most suitable for casual riders. If you are starting out with cruiser bikes and do not know where to start, this is the bike to go for because you cannot possibly go wrong with this purchase.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Review| Firmstrong Urban Men Review

Firmstrong Chief Beach Cruiser

Whereas the Urban line is perfect for average sized folks, the Firmstrong Chief line of cruiser bikes are designed for tall men and women. This bike has an extended frame as well as forward pedaling design to give your tall legs extra space to pedal. The frame design is similar to that of the Firmstrong Urban i.e it is simple, refreshing and highly functional.

Like most beach bicycles from Firmstrong, this one also comes in several speed, color and size options. Also, like most of their bikes, this one has also garnered high praise and perfect reviews for its functional design.

Firmstrong Chief Lady Review | Firmstrong Chief Men Review

Firmstrong Bella Fashionista

Very similar to the Firmstrong Urban in design and style, the Fashionista is one of the high end beach bicycle with a few added features. the bike has a 2″ extended frame that is suitable for riders seeking longer arms extension. Also, in terms of design, it differs from the Urban with the a thick top tube that makes a statement of its own. With the Firmstrong Urban and the Fashionista, it is mostly a matter of choice between the styles. Both bikes are excellent for commuting purposes as well as for leisure rides.

This bike is only available for Women at the moment. with several color and speed options.

Firmstrong Bella Fashionista Review

Firmstrong Bella Classic

The bike is a bit more expensive than the Urban due a to few distinct features. Firstly it has a slightly more extended frame. Secondly, it comes with both front and rear fenders installed. Something that Urban lacks. Now again, extended frames is something that only the adept riders seems to notice and make full use of. If you really feel like you have the need to go for longer arms extension than by all means opt for this bike.

The biggest difference between most Firmstrong bikes is of course the looks. Beach cruiser bikes are built to make a statement about your personality. Therefore, the bikes are designed in order to cater to your distinct style needs. Most of the bikes ride as perfectly as the other. Like the Fashionista, this beach cruiser is also available only for ladies

Firmstrong Bella Classic Review

Firmstrong Bruiser – Adventure Cruiser Bike

One of the best Firmstrong Cruiser Bike of 2015. This bike is exclusively built for guys and is as macho in looks as its it in its name. This is the dream cruiser bike for almost all men. It looks heavy, sturdy and gives the manly feeling to it. If you want to make a very loud statement about your taste and personality along the roads, then this bike will satisfy your man cave.

The bike in only available in one color options but in several speed options. It has an extended frame and is suitable for most men of 5 feet 4 inches to feet 4 inches in height.

Firmstrong Bruiser Review

Firmstrong CA-520 – Modern Cruiser Bike

This is the latest cruiser bike by Firmstrong. This bike is the epitome of Firmstrong learning experience with all the bikes that they have been designing since 10 years. It is the perfect bike representing the style of the new age in 2015. Many will be quick to highlight that this bike combines the elements of a Hybrid as well as a Cruiser Bike giving it that unique, jaw dropping aesthetics. The bike is marginally more expensive and not available in single speed option.

Firmstrong CA-520 Men Review | Firmstrong CA-520 Lady Review

Closing Remarks

It should be noted that many of the Firmstrong cruiser bikes lines listed above have their special edition bikes. For example, the Firmstrong Urban line has unique and exclusive aluminium frame variant. The Bruiser line has a special variant called Bruiser Prestige that has slightly different looks, but same functionality. Therefore, don’t forget to check out the special edition bikes as they may tickle your fancy.

Also, speaking of customer service. Being a small company (as compared to the giants out there), Firmstrong values and cherishes their customers. They have been praised across the board for their most friendly and man to man human customer service even on a platform like amazon that is full of critics.

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